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Mallory Swanson: It was the worst thing ever

Mallory Swanson, the US women’s team star, shared the challenges of her knee injury, undergoing two surgeries due to an infection.

In April, during international duty, the Chicago Red Stars forward‘s 2023 NWSL season was cut short due to a left knee tear. After her initial surgery, she faced a “nightmare” dealing with an infection, leading to a second procedure in less than two weeks.

Speaking on The Women’s Game podcast, Mallory Swanson said: “That tendon just completely ruptured and then my kneecap went up into my thigh. So it almost dislocated too. It hurt so bad. The training staff came on the field and then they put my kneecap back in place. And then I got relief and I was better.

Mallory Swanson: I was very, very ill after the second surgery

“I ended up having an infection in my knee a week and a half later. So basically I got surgery and then a week and a half later, I had a second surgery. It was really bad. They had to do basically an emergency surgery to try and get this infection out because it was starting to — I don’t want to say it was starting to take over my body — but I was very, very ill.” Admitted Mallory Swanson.

“I think after that. That’s when I knew. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m [not playing in the] World Cup.’ And I honestly didn’t even think about playing after that. I was like, I literally just need to feel better because I was so sick. I was on IV antibiotics for like six weeks, I had a PICC line in. It was awful. It was like literally the worst thing ever, but we made it through.”

Swanson, in excellent form with the Chicago Red Stars in 2022, saw her performance halted by the devastating injury. A crucial player for the USWNT, her absence was felt during the 2023 World Cup, where the team exited in the last-16 stage with a penalty shoot-out loss to Sweden.

Having recently signed a new contract with the Chicago Red Stars, the 25-year-old Swanson is expected to play a crucial role once more, aiming to recapture her 2022 form. The upcoming NWSL season kicks off on March 16.

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