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Mary Earps: I’m weirdly obsessed with the London Tube map now

Mary Earps admitted her fascination with the London Tube map after an overground line was renamed for the Lionesses.

The London Tube map changed a lot, adding six new Overground branches, including one named “Lioness Line” from Euston to Watford Junction. It honors England’s women’s football team’s achievements.

Mary Earps expressed her excitement in an Instagram story, captioning it with:

“This is so cool! I’m weirdly obsessed with the Tube map! This makes me so happy.”

The Lioness Line, represented by parallel yellow lines on the Tube map, carries great importance. It travels through Wembley Stadium, the historic venue where the Lionesses clinched their Euro 2022 victory against Germany, thanks to Chloe Kelly‘s unforgettable injury-time goal.

Five other distinct routes join the Lioness Line, each highlighting a different part of London’s history and culture. From the blue hues of Mildmay to the red tones of Windrush, and the maroon shades of Weaver, these rebranded lines honor the city’s diverse heritage, showcasing the neighborhoods and landmarks they pass through.

The overhaul aims to improve navigation, but naming a line after the Lionesses holds deeper meaning. It honors the team’s legacy. The project costs around £6.3 million. The new Tube map will probably be revealed in 2024.

Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy
A lifelong football fan, Alex loves to dabble in its history, especially FIFA World Cup. But his love for sports doesn't end at football since he loves watching NBA and Formula1 too. Reading novels and watching classic films takes the rest of his time.


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