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Italian model-turned-referee Mariangela Presicce speaks against sexist remarks

Mariangela Presicce, a 20-year-old fashion model from Italy, who has pursued a career as a referee, remains resolute in her commitment to the sport despite facing sexist comments.

Despite encountering sexist remarks, such as being told to “go home and cook” by individuals with narrow-minded views, former model Mariangela Presicce remains strong in her passion for football. Presicce has become a referee and asserts that such comments will not deter her from resuming to officiate matches and participate in the sport she loves.

Mariangela Presicce, who has won several beauty pageants and once graced a fashion show wearing her referee kit, has told La Reppubblica: “Insults are thrown at me.They tell me to go home and cook, but I move forward against such prejudice. I’ve been a referee for five years. On the pitch, I hear everything and more, but I won’t ever give up. That’s how to challenge insults and prejudices.”

She added, having inherited of a passion for football from her father: “People often ask me how I can tolerate insults and much more. And I tell them ‘If you have a passion for this sport, you close your ears but not your heart. Otherwise you end up thinking about it and feeling bad about the cruelty that exists’. I only have anger towards these people, but unfortunately we live in a world of labels and without much humanity.”

Mariangela Presicce, who participated in Milan Fashion Week, leverages her platform to advocate against violence targeting women. Through her visibility, she amplifies awareness and support for her cause. Despite facing discrimination, Presicce remains steadfast in her stance, garnering ample support for her unwavering commitment to combatting gender-based discrimination.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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