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Ella Toone discussed her new-rise fame and her relationship with Joe Bunney

Manchester United forward Ella Toone talked about her recent rise to fame and her relationship with her boyfriend, Joe Bunney.

After rising to fame during England’s Women’s European Championship victory, Toone discussed her romantic relationship with Joe Bunney, who is currently on loan from Macclesfield and plays for Marine.

Toone noted that fans often recognize her when she attends Bunney’s games, which she believes is an indication of the significant increase in popularity of women’s football in recent years. She considers this development to be “brilliant.”

Additionally, Toone disclosed that she regularly evaluates her performance along with her father and boyfriend.

She told The Times: “Whenever I go to Joe’s games, the amount of lads who come over to me is mad and that is what really makes me smile.

“I stand there a lot of the time with my hood up, trying to watch, but they’ll say, ‘Are you Ella Toone of United? Can I have a picture?’ Obviously, the boost for young girls who want to play football over the last year has been brilliant and we will always keep fighting for them.

Toone added: “Joe’s pathway was not easy. It’s hard to have a professional career as a man because there are so many boys who want to play.

“But I definitely think young women will have to fight harder and so for young lads to recognise that women can play is amazing.

“It was funny. There were so many people who were hanging around outside at 11pm the other night. I said, ‘Come on. You’ve got school in the morning.

“Then one girl said, ‘It’s only French!’ I said, ‘Ok, leave it then’ and we had a photo.”

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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