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Footbalium - Your Journey Through Football

From the joy of each and every dribble of Maradona against England and his immortal Hand of God to Zidane’s fierce headbutt landing on Marco Materazzi’s chest, from Marco Tardelli’s goal celebration in the 1982 World Cup finals against West Germany to the Heysel Stadium disaster, from Jose Mourinho glorious run across the field after defeating Barcelona’s greatest-ever side in Camp Nou to Hillsborough disaster and from Milan Tifosi to Bayern Munich ultras and Manchester United hooligans.

Football is full of these events and incidents, which are the vital essence of the seemingly simple life of a football enthusiast and gives it meaning. All of these clashes and face-offs of players and the ball in the rectangular field typically result in victories or defeats, or even draws. However, football is much more complicated to be described in these simple terms.

As once Bill Shankly, the Liverpool legend, said, many consider football a matter of life and death. Little do they know, football is even more important than these two. In fact, for a real football lover, a day without a football event is a day gone wasted. But is this all there is to football?

Simon Kuper has a much more definitive description of this sport, drawing the lines of this sport’s definition across and even out of the green field. According to Kuper, football is a vast and unknown field capable of affecting political, sociological, and cultural constructs of society, and its effects can be vividly seen in the history of this famous sport in recent decades.

Conjoining and diversion of nations and countries, competition among cultures and traditions has led us to believe that this strange but famous sport is more than a few lines on the edge of a field and its unknown and unseen limits stretch as far as the world itself.

To be exact, if football was only a screen and imagery of this several meters long, athletic field in the old days, it’s now a comprehensive ecosystem consisting of players, coaches, venues, firms and companies, and individual shareholders of the teams, and finally, the fans and audience which affects not only football in general but also the world.

Footbalium is a space to discuss whatever goes on in this ecosystem, and it aims to cover every topic related to individual and specific parts of this ecosystem. But our approach to these topics has a new aspect to it. We discuss football matters with a modern and empirical approach. You may ask, what does empirical mean?

Simply put, as much as Footbalium is a platform for football lovers to express their joy or feeling on, it is an educational space to learn and comprehend football as a pure and deeply empirical yet meaningful phenomenon.

Football is one of the factors combining these two, if not the first, in a world where technology is alienated in most human life aspects and fields. Pep Guardiola states in football, everything depends on minor details, and in his perspective, these details are the statistics, numbers, and everything that technology has given football to make it more quantitative, analytic, and ponderable.

When talking about this quantitative and ponderable approach, we must also talk about the extreme technologization of football and mention it in every topic about football and media relations.

This technology first started as a primary way of detecting offside fouls and drawing off the offside line, and now it has advanced to become a powerful AI-powered assistant just like the Goal-line technology, VAR, or the player performance evaluation sensors. We even saw the latest innovations in the Qatar World Cup, where a number of cameras were used to review and precisely simulate suspicious offside foul situations.

To wrap everything up, with the consideration of all these points, Footbalium is a platform to talk about football in a new comprehensive, and futuristic context. We cover everything, from the most insignificant statistics of the game to things going on off the field, from the political and social movements to commercial and business activities influencing football, and finally, glorifying the most and probably the prettiest side of football, fandom.

From the moment that Mussolini changed the Win-or-Lose dualism to Win-or-Die in the 1938 World Cup final, fans always found themselves in a total war against an enemy and fighting with all they got to achieve triumph.

Footbalium, with its massive slogans, now tries to become a unique media that is capable of clearly illustrating all of the above-mentioned aspects of football, providing the strategic and vital necessities for you fans who are standing on the frontlines of this war.

Thanks to these points and quoting from the well-known press conference of Jose Mourinho, we can proudly claim:

That’s because we are special!

Join us in our one-of-a-kind approach to football!